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    Australian Shepherd Jewelry

    Australian Shepherd Jewelry

    If you're an Aussie owner, lover or you just know someone special to you who owns one, then you will love Australian Shepherd Jewelry. With unique, premium designs and handmade quality, these look very fashionable on any outfit and give the opportunity to show off their Aussies in their own, distinct way. 

    Australian Shepherds, or Aussies as they are nicknamed, are a working breed and they were breed to herd livestock. A fun fact is, despite their name, they actually originated in the United States. Australian Shepherds look similar to a few other breeds such as the Border Collie. Up to this day, Aussies are still used to herd livestock and are great ranch dogs.

    They are great family dogs especially, in the right setting. They love to get busy because they are a lovable bundle of energy at home or wherever you bring them. They love having a job because that's where they like to put all their attention into and that's where they are most happy. 

    Australian Shepherds are also very trainable and intelligent dogs that thrive when they are trained and told what to do. They are one of the breeds that are great for competitive dog sports because they have are incredibly curious, smart and have a lot of energy. This is why they are also used in a number of other canine careers such as therapy, guide, military and police dogs. Whether it's training them for a big event or telling them to pick up the newspaper on your front porch, Australian Shepherds love working.