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    Basset Hound Jewelry

    Basset Hound Jewelry

    Whether you love Basset Hounds or you own one, you will definitely love our collection of Basset Hound Jewelry. These are perfect complements to your everyday life. Whether staying organized or maybe adding some flair and color to your outfit, we have no doubt that you will find something for you. 

    Basset Hounds are working class dogs that were bred to hunt rabbits, hare and other small game. Their name is derived from French meaning ''rather low''. This is characterized by their rather cute and adorable stature, with short legs and muscular body. 

    They are some of the best family companion dogs and love to chill on the laps of their loving owners. Though they are rather large as lap dogs but, they don't believe that themselves. They love attention and love to be in close proximity with their owners. They are a calm bunch and are rather lazy. 

    Basset Hounds are also quite loyal and attached to their owners. They are an affectionate and warm breed that would not want nothing more than to be with their family. They love to howl, especially when they are left alone for an extended time, and love to drool all over furniture. This is why they are also some of the most popular dogs on media, for their stature, light behavior and an almost cartoon-like appearance.