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    Doberman Jewelry

    Doberman Necklace Doberman NecklaceOn Sale
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    Doberman Pinschers, or Dobermann, were first bred and emerged in the late 1800s in Germany. They are the fearsome but highly loyal and affectionate members of the Working Dog group. They were originally bred and trained as personal protection dogs, which gave them their reputation as being ferocious and aggressive. Although protective, Doberman Pinschers cannot be blamed for their own portrayal in the public eye because the foundation of their breed was built on them being protection dogs. That does not, however, cover all Dobies today. 

    Dobies as we so fondly call them, are a very recognizable breed with their clean and sleek coat, athletic build and regal appearance. Despite this, they are very intelligent, highly loyal, and extremely vigilant  as guard dogs. They are also considered as a great family dog because they are very obedient and affectionate. 

    Generally, they are perceived as an aggressive and intimidating breed, because this is how they have been portrayed in the general media. They may look that way but in truth, they are just highly formidable guardians who, when raised and trained properly, are also very gentle and loving dogs. 

    Given all these qualities, Doberman Pinschers are also a versatile and trainable breed. A good number are trained to be therapy dogs, military, police, service and search and rescue dogs, while a good number are just family protectors and pets. This is the reason why they are also so beloved to Dobe Lovers. 

    Doberman Pinscher Gifts

    Doberman Pinschers are some of the well-loved breeds in the world. They have helped and contributed in different sectors of society as working dogs and even, as the simple family pets that most of us know them by.

    The people who own Dobies are very passionate and hold their beloved pets in high regard. This is why during special occasions, such as birthdays or anniversaries, a great idea is to give gifts for Doberman Lovers. These gifts reinforce the bond dog owners have with their dogs. Here are some great gift ideas for Dobe owners and parents:

    Doberman Pinscher Necklaces

    What better gift to give than something a person can wear? Jewelry, such as necklaces, are always a great gift because they are considered very precious and high value. A necklace, especially a fashionable and trendy one, is something Doberman lovers would adore because accessories like this complement outfits and are great conversation starters as well. Necklaces are also a very romantic gift especially when the person you are giving it to is a proud Dobe lover. 

    Doberman Pinscher Key Chains

    Staying organized and key chains are almost always in the same conversation. Key chains are an integral part of everyone's day and when you make something small, like starting up your car a little more special with key chains that have a meaningful design, sometimes, it can actually make someone's day. That is why key chains that have a Doberman Pinscher design are great gifts. They may seem simple, but they will always be special to people who also have a special spot for their Dobies in their heart. 

    Giving gifts has always been a special gesture, even in special occasions or even random ones. Meaningful gifts such as Doberman Jewelry as gifts for dog owners and parents, are even more meaningful. Make sure to choose gifts wisely and enjoy the simple moments.