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    English Bulldog Jewelry

    English Bulldogs, or just Bulldogs, are the descendants of fighting mastiffs is England. Although they are a beloved breed, most people don't know they were bred for bull-baiting, a bloody sport for dogs, thus leading to their name. Despite that, they are far from their ferocious ancestors, now becoming some of the most gentle and sweet breeds that everyone seems to take a liking to. 

    If you don't know what a Bulldog looks like, you may have lived under a rock your whole life. This is because Bulldogs are some of the most recognizable breeds in the world and you will almost always recognize the due to their very distinct features. They are a medium-sized breed with wide and muscular build despite being short. They are most remembered for their droopy upper lips and wrinkled face which makes them almost comical to a sense. 

    Despite the cartoons that mostly showed them as ferocious, today's Bulldogs are almost the exact opposites. With them being some of the most affectionate and kind breeds. They are also generally playful as pets, but are protective of their families. They are also known attention seekers and love to be close to their owners always. 

    All this makes the English Bulldogs so loved by their owners and paw parents. They are adored by everyone in their family and are always a welcome addition to any new one. This is why, if you ever know an English Bulldog owner and they are special to you, get them meaningful gifts that show off their love for their beloved Bully. Sincere gift ideas like English Bulldog Jewelry, such as necklaces are great because they are gifts that can be worn and are valued by their receivers.