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    Greyhound Jewelry

    Greyhound Necklace Greyhound NecklaceOn Sale
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    Greyhound Jewelry

    Are you a Greyhound lover? Know someone who does? Then you will surely love our collection of Greyhound Jewelry. Take a look at our selection of colorful and intricate designs that that will catch your eye. Wear or bring our pieces with you anywhere you go and show some love to your beloved pet.

    Greyhounds are working dogs that were breed to hunt and track for humans. This was true for the most part until humans realized of the awesome speed of this breed, in which now they were bred for dog racing for the most part and are still bred for that same purpose today. Despite most Greyhounds being perceived as dogs for racing, they are actually pretty calm and kind companions as well. 

    Retired racing dogs are put up for adoption and this has seen the rise in popularity of the Greyhounds as family pets and companions again. Greyhounds also participate in dog sports as well as other dog careers. They are loyal and very affectionate pets that love being around their owners. They are also peace loving dogs that, despite what they were bred for, love to lounge around and sleep. This is what appeals to Greyhound owners and what makes them so loved.