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    Labrador Retriever Jewelry

    Labrador Necklace Labrador NecklaceOn Sale
    $59.94 USD $29.97 USD
    Labrador Key Chain Labrador Key ChainOn Sale
    $59.94 USD $29.97 USD

    Labrador Retriever Jewelry

    Do you own a Lab? Or know someone who does? Then you will surely want to take a look at our Labrador Retriever Collection. Make sure to check each product out because you will surely want to get one for yourself. It features a selection of pieces with great, trendy designs and handmade quality materials used.

    Labrador Retrievers, or Labs, are working and hunting dogs bred to be the loyal companions and working dogs. They are currently the most popular breed in the world, mainly due to the reason that they are very affectionate and loyal dogs that can be part of almost any family, dog career or sport. 

    They are very calm and loving dogs that are easily attached to their owners. They love showing off and being with their families and leap at any opportunity to help their family out, whether it's ''getting'' grocery bags or ''picking up'' the newspaper. They are so sweet and calm that they make great therapy and service dogs. They are easily trained as well, this is the reason why you can see them in almost any military or police canine unit. They are such good dogs that they welcome almost anyone, yes even possible intruders. Don't let that discourage you though, they make up for it in so many other ways. These are all reasons why Labradors are so popular and so well-loved.