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    Papillon Jewelry

    The Papillon are small, almost dwarf-like spaniels that are akin to those that are seen in vintage paintings. With their names directly translating as ''butterfly'' in French, these adorable lap dogs have graced the laps of royalty centuries ago. Today they grace the homes of the many Papillon lovers around the globe.

    Their name comes from their upright ears which have an almost wing-like appearance. Despite being characterized as lap dogs, they are hefty house dogs who are very much active and love to play around the house. The phrase ''big things come in small packages'' is the perfect embodiment of what Papillon brings to a family and household. They are very alert dogs and is very protective their owners despite them weighing less than 9 pounds. 

    These small balls of energy love to be with people all the time, and their size makes it easier for them to be brought by their loving owners almost anywhere. They are can be part of almost any household as long as they were trained and have adapted at a young age. 

    This is the reason why Papillons dog owners and lovers are so devoted to their pets so much. If you know anyone special in your life who owns a Papillon or loves their breed, there is no better gift to give them than Papillon Jewelry, such as necklaces. These Papillon Dog Jewelry represent a lot about the dog owners when worn, as they get to show off their beloved pets and also get to wear sleek and classy jewelry at the same time. Who would not want that?