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    Pitbull Jewelry

    Pitbulls, as they are so commonly known, are actually a group of dog breeds that all have similar features in that, they were bred for bull-baiting (an old bloody sport for dogs). What most people refer to is the American Pit Bull Terrier, which are very well-known companion and family dogs around the world. They are sometimes even called ''nanny dogs'' for being so great and gentle with kids and babies. 

    Although calm and loving by nature, they are often judged for their tenacious history, as well as a good number of misconceptions. This causes fear for most people who come into contact with them and some even, with anger. This is far from the truth, as they were kept as pets for people with criminal activities which led to a lot of misinformation about the breed as a whole. They are sometime even met with unwanted hostility and this is what needs to change.

    Pit Bulls are very intelligent and loving dogs that require little effort to train and learn tricks. They are very positive to be around and cherish moments with their owners. They also maintain a young attitude and aura even going into their adult years. These are all reasons why they are so adored by the people who own them. 

    Owning a pittie, as they are so fondly called, has been described as rewarding because their owners enjoy them and their positive outlook to infect their everyday lives with optimism and happiness. If you know someone who owns a Pitbull, and they mean a lot to you, great gifts during occasions can be Pitbull Jewelry, such as necklaces. Pit Bull Jewelry are Pitbull-themed pieces that are mostly high in value and are greatly appreciated by anyone receiving them.