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    Schnauzer Jewelry

    Schnauzer Gifts

    If you know someone special who owns a Schnauzer, either family, a close friend or lover, then you know that they will always be dedicated to their wonderful canine buddies. This is why if you're looking for gift ideas, we will highly recommend Schnauzer Gifts, which can be anything that is breed-related. These can be Schnauzer Jewelry, our collection above which features wonderful and intricate designs that are eye-catching and fashionable. 

    Schnauzers come in three different sizes, Miniature, Standard and Giant. The original Schnauzers were of the Standard size and were bred to be working dogs accomplishing various tasks such as catching small rodents, to being guard dogs to even being police dogs. Today, they are some of the more popular breeds due to their predominant moustache and regal stature.

    Each Schnauzer size varies also in temperament due to various factors such as history, and the characteristics that may have been affected during breeding. They are still generally the same breed so they all have similarities. Schnauzers love to be around their family, and are very affectionate pets who love to lounge around with their owners. They are also very active little (and not so little) puppers who love to work and show off to everyone what good boys and girls they are. These are why Schnauzers are so highly regarded among dog lovers