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    Scottish Terrier Jewelry

    Scottish Terrier Gifts

    Gift giving has always been some of the nicest gestures someone can make towards another person. It helps build and grow relationships and says a lot about the person giving and the person receiving. This means that coming up with meaningful gift ideas are always a good thing. This is why if you know anyone who owns a Scottie, the best gift ideas are to give them Scottie Dog Jewelry. If you check out our collection of Scottish Terrier Jewelry, you will find perfect gifts that they will absolutely love. All the pieces are of handmade quality, done with the touch of an artisan in every curve and edge.

    Scottish Terriers, or Scotties are they are so fondly called, are one of the five terrier breeds that originated in Scotland. They are brave and hardworking dogs, that despite their size, get the job done very well. They have a very distinct bark that some people may be surprised with for its power coming from a breed with a small stature. 

    They are very independent and smart companions who take awhile to recognize you but once they befriend you, they are very affectionate breed as well. They are aloof breeds are gentle and playful in a number of ways. They are also great with children and the elderly for the same reason. These are all reasons why the Scottish Terrier is famous around the world. Some high-profile and famous owners can attest to their love for their Scotties