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    Weimaraner Jewelry

    Weimaraner Necklace Weimaraner NecklaceOn Sale
    $59.94 USD $29.97 USD
    Weimaraner Key Chain Weimaraner Key ChainOn Sale
    $59.94 USD $29.97 USD

    Weimaraners, or Weims as we sometimes call them, are a large breed that were originally bred as hunting dogs in Germany. They are nicknamed Silver or Gray Ghosts for their gray to silver-gray coat and varying eye colors. Despite their regal and elegant look, they are a loving and affectionate breed. 

    They like to be in close proximity with humans, especially their owners, and they are generally house dogs, as they prefer being in contact with humans. In fact, despite being a hunting dog, they are not very fond of the outdoors and would prefer to be snuggling up and getting cozy with their owners. Too much or too long of a separation to those they love will often lead to separation anxiety. This is why Weimaraner dog owners are so attached to their pets on a different level. 

    Weimaraner Gifts

    Now, we all know the significance of gifts in all special events, occasions and even simple gatherings. These tokens of love and affection has been an age old tradition. What better way to celebrate and show love to Weimaraner dog owners and lovers than to give them Weimaraner Jewelry, such as necklaces. They will surely love these gifts because they remind pet owners of their love for their dogs in a very valued and fashionable manner.