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    We've got some BIG NEWS!

    We've listened to the amazing suggestions,

    It's taken us some time...

    But we are EXCITED to announce that we've got some New Breeds In The Making!

    YES that's right.

    If you've ever reached out to us because you were unable to find your dog breed...

    Well your wish has been answered.

    Out team has been working tirelessly on the 31 NEW Dog BREED Necklaces!

    We hope to start with a slow release of some of them in June and then finish production by August!

    From the team at Get Me Gem, we want to thank you for the amazing support and feedback!


    No. Breed
    1 Australian Cattle Dog
    2 Cardigan Welsh Corgi
    3 Cocker Spaniel
    4 Havenese
    5 Weimaraner
    6 Dalmatian
    7 Rat terrier
    8 Sheltie
    9 Akita
    10 Pekingese
    11 West Highland Terrier
    12 Border Collie
    13 Labradoodle
    14 Bichon
    15 Golden Doodle
    16 Chow Chow
    17 Basenji
    18 Mastiff
    19 Miniature Pinscher
    20 Havanese
    21 Bloodhound
    22 Irish terrier
    23 Airedales
    24 Belgian Malinois
    25 Doodles Dog
    26 Great Dane Natural Ears
    27 Irish Wolfhound
    28 Affenpinscher
    29 Cavachon
    30 Schipperke
    31 Xoloitzcuintle